Marine reserves around the world

Fully protected ‘no-take’ marine reserves currently cover just 0.65% of the world’s ocean – that’s around 2,336,186 square kilometeres. Here we profile a few marine reserves across the globe – follow the links below for detailed information on each of them.


Elkhorn Slough State Marine ReserveElkhorn Slough State Marine Reserve, California



Aerial of Great Barrier Reef Australia’s MPA network



Chagos Marine ReserveThe Chagos Marine Reserve, British Indian Ocean Territory



European lobster  Flamborough Head No-Take Marine Reserve, UK 



African Penguins Bird Island Case Study  Bird Island Marine Protected Area, South Africa



Lundy Island  Lundy Island Marine Conservation Zone, UK



Wrasse - GIMR  Goat Island Marine Reserve, New Zealand



Landsape of Santa Cruz Island

Channel Islands National marine Sanctuary, USA


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